Sharing my desire...
   ​​​I love painting and art. I have painted since I was little…it is my real passion. I draw and paint everything from objects, nature to abstracts. I used anything to crayon, colored pencils, watercolors, temper, but I stick with acrylic paint.
The reason why I am devoting to healing art is the joy to share my gift with everyone and that is the reason why I went world wide via my website, as this way everyone have an opportunity to find it’s own painting made by the Universe, which provide spiritual healing. My desire is for my paintings to help everyone who feel that there is something to improve in their life, it can be health or life journey. The feeling of happiness and warmth in my heart when I hear or someone tell me that my painting has improved their health and well being is priceless to me. I feel very fortunate and honoured to be able to make life of others better.