Customers review

  • "I had trouble with my knee for 30 years as I suffer from an injury since my younger age. My knee was painful and I was advised to go for an operation. Before the operation, I have started using the energetic painting for at least 20 min a day. The first time I have sit in front of it, I sweat a lot all over my body. It was such a strong reaction and my knee was very painful while I sit in front of the painting. As time went by, I stop sweating and the pain in my knee decreased while I sit in front of it. I have noticed pain relief during the was fantastic. Unfortunately the pain appeared again because in my case the operation was necessary. The injury happened a long time ago and I have not stop doing exercise even that my doctor recommended me to. I am using the painting for convalescence after the operation. The process of the recovery is faster and more comfortable that other people's have experience."                                                       Josef Parik, 55, Jicin, Czech Republic
       - I would like to express my view on this this reference. The painting does heal those issues that the body should be able to heal by itself, if the body would be absolutely healthy, have the right balance and had energy for it. In this case, the operation was necessary, because this injury would not be able to heal naturally even when the body would be in perfect state. 
  • "The painting I have is for ideal balance between physical and mental state.  I have the painting in my bedroom for some time, I cannot feel the warm of the painting like other people do, but I can sense something pleasant in the room and I just feel good and calm. I can say that art healths."                 Ken Tan, 45, United Kingdom
  • " I wanted my painting to be for my lower back pain. My doctor was not sure what is the cause of the pain. However, when the painting was finished, it was not specifically for the pain in my lower back as I wanted. It was for my general well being. Later on, I found it was find out that I have an issue with my stomach, pancreas and spleen. When I started using the painting I still feel the pain, but I could handle it much better and I was not anxious any more.  Then my doctor gave me homeopatic drugs. Since I used the picture, I noticed that I have become more relaxed. I think the picture has a very calming and relaxing effect and I just feel good when I am near the picture. I have also noticed that the warmth of the picture is changing, sometimes it is very warm but sometimes I can not feel anything." Vera Betlachova,76, Czech Republic
  • " I am using my painting only for short while. The painting is personalized for me, as I have many health problems. I can feel energy from this enegetic healing painting, but I  know about myself that I am quite resistant towards the effect of the painting and for this reason I have increase the effect of the healing energy by applying reiky. Which seems to be working as I have noticed ........" Pavel Parik, 62, Jicin, Czech Republic

- Reiky is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

  • " I have started using my painting when I had personal problems, I was emotionally dragged down.  I could not manage to take care of myself and my children. I feel that the painting gave me courage and make me a stronger person."                            Kamila Pactis, 35, United Kingdom