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My paintings that are displayed on this website are protected by copyright. I have inserted the KV symbols in to my paintings to render worthless the healing energy in the picture.  
For personalized painting , the delivery time vary in dependency on the circumstances of the painting. It takes maximum 2 weeks to produce the painting.  
Because I am guided through the process of painting, it is unknow to me what size or colors the painting will be before I start. 
I know the final price when the painting is finish. 
I am taking £400  as a deposit. If the price is lower than the deposit I will return the price differences.
You have an option to cancel the order, but it has to be before I start working on the picture, otherwise the deposit is not refundable. I am trying to start working on the picture as soon as I receive the deposit, because I want to shorten your waiting time.
Personal handover and consultation is also possible.
If the packaging or the painting itself is damaged  by the delivery company, you do not have to accept the delivery. Instead, contact me and take care of it.
If the painting is damage, after the delivery by inappropriate manipulation of any circumstances, there is not right for refund. 
The paintings are in sizes from A4 to A0. Painting is mostly acryl on canvas without any color protection, for this reason please avoid contact with any kind of liquid. Any spray or glass protection will decrease or stop flow of the energy from the picture.
All paintings are original, not reproduction.
If you are interested in buying already made original painting or you would like to order personalized painting do not hesitate to contact me. 

Telephone number:  +44 (0)7581 090 762

Please use the window below if You have any question or You want to make an order.  
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