Good to know

The theraperutic painting helps to heal in a natural way. If there is an injury which is not possible to be heald naturaly (by the body itself, for example because the body is not absolutely healthy or does not have the right balance and the energy for healing) the improvement would hardly happen.  The painting cannot be use as a replacement for an operation or any other physical intervention as that would be against nature. The paintings are not magical, the necessary energy is used exactly where is need it. 

I have not come across to anyone who has not been positively influenced by my paintings. The paintings work on each person very individually. It is not possible to predict how the person will react to  a particular painting. Sometimes the improvement can be noticeable in a very short time and in some cases it can take much longer.  

​To avoid disappointment, before I start to paint for someone I will check if the painting would be effective for the person or not. 
The same it is when someone order a painting from my gallery, before the painting is sold I will check if it is the suitable one for that person.  ​
 I have come across two people who cannot be in the presence of my paintings.
The first person, has a negative attitude and emanates negative energy. When the negative energy of the person colligates with positive energy of the paintings the person does not feel well, because the positive energy is trying to influence the negative one. 
The second person I came across, is a person who unfortunately practise black magic. The person saw my painting as a photograph on a mobile phone screen and showed disgust and extreme dislike of the painting before he quickly left.  Again, understandably this person could not stand the positive energy of the painting.  
Would You like to know more? 
I am guided by the Universe, so when I start to paint, I never know how the painting will look at the end, that what is called intuitive art. The choice of the colors is significant, as for every individual the spectrum of colors that are important for a purpose is different (More about that in ……section). I am using acrylic colours on canvas in variety of sizes.

My paintings are suitable for everyone including elderly people and children.
I just need to know for who the painting is meant to be or the particular issue that the energy has to be concentrated on. When someone is interested to own one of the paintings and it is not sure what to concentrate /specific on.  To achieve the best result is to have a personalized picture. That means the Universe knows a person’s concretely needs and it sets up the right combination of energy, colors and design of the painting for the person’s present life situation and health conditional. 

The paintings are also suitable as a decorations that brings harmony in to your home or working environment, which has beneficial effect on positive attitude.   When looking at the painting, it gives unconscious impulse in to the organism that influence mood, emotions, thoughts and makes energy changes in to the body.  Daily life is influenced by our perception, our decisions we made are responsible for our achievements. If you want to change the way how you perceive things to have better result , first you should change is the way of thinking. Our thoughts are influenced by our inner energies and these inner energies have to be change the first. If you want to change something, first you have to change yourself…this painting are here to help you achieve that.

It is very individual as some people can feel actual physical warm from the painting when they put a hand like 2 inches above the painting and some people can sense good vibes of energy in the room where the painting is. Every painting is perceive differently by every person.

Generally, all colors, if some are avoiding, or you do not like it, it indicates a problem in the chakra and the area that expresses this chakra. And it's exactly the color you need most. The colors in this way it can to some extent help identify and solve some of the problems that we have.

Every color has its own meaning and the colors are divided by individual chakras:

Red – is he color of the first chakra. It supplies by a large amount of energy, it is active color that heats and awakens vital energy. Red color help those who needs stable footing and supports to fulfill  ideas and goals. It supports the immune system.
Orange - the color of the second sexual chakra. It brings happiness and life strength, absorbs negative energy. It give the strength during anxious time and heal the soul. It increasing confidence and self-esteem. It helps overcome depression and difficult  life situations. It is the color of wisdom.
Yellow – is the color of the third solar chakra. It is cheerful, lively, penetrating and brightening color. It supports self-assertion, assertiveness and being able to express your own opinion without having prick of conscience. It has beneficial effect on digestive system and supports intuition and creativity.
Green – is the color of the fourth heart chakra. It soothes and harmonizes the nervous system. It has positive effect on friendship, love and romantic relationship.
Blue – is the color of the fifth chakra supporting communication.  It gives the strength for self-expression and helps with communicative issues in general. It's great to use when problems in communication and communication. It relaxes the mind, to be able to open its own intuition and it  connects the mind with the heart. Blue color soothes, relaxes and cleans.
Purple – is the color of the seventh crown chakra. It is a spiritual color. It brings inspiration, humility and supports meditation. It ha s calming effect on hyperactive children.
Brown – is the eight earthy color. It has calming effect and give steady energy. It supports determination to finish un-finished things and tasks.  It gives the healthy wisdom and encourages to have feet firmly on the ground.
Black – is the color of the protection, but only to a certain extent.  It absorbs energy from the body, which we try to get somewhere else in the situations of anguish. If used to much it can close other chakras. In combination with white  composed of the opposites, like yin and yang symbol
White-is the symbol of protection and it reflex the energy. It is the color of innocence however it also symbolise the end. It stabilizes and strengthens the energy system. It enhances the effect of the color which is mixed with.
Generally, the colors that are a person avoiding are those colors that the person needs the most. This technique can point out on hidden health issues.